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ETHOS is leading the way with above-standard solids control and water separation operations. Our experienced team delivers safe and efficient solutions to our customers.
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serving agriculture, environmental and energy industries
ETHOS is an extension of your team, directly focused on achieving your goals and objectives by constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality and diminish downtime, resulting in lower bottom-line costs.

Solids Control

ETHOS is committed to reducing waste by separating and recycling fluids in construction, agriculture, food processing, and oil and gas. Our patented centrifuge equipment saves our customers time and money while reducing their carbon footprint.

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Solids Control Centrifuge Setup


Looking to own, rent or lease a centrifuge, pump, or processing tanks for your operations? ETHOS offers best-in-class centrifuges, maintenance, and staffing to meet the needs of your operation.

Decanter centrifuge manufacturing

Municipal Wastewater

Your wastewater process is critical, and it is important that you have the right partner. ETHOS helps reduce the environmental footprint from water and waste streams, and lowers your operating costs.

Centrifuge for municipal wast water processing

Animal Waste & Manure

Boost your farms' efficiency. Processing manure liquid with a centrifuge removes the manure fines that previously went into lagoons. This reduces the need for dredging and captures nutrients that can be used in other applications.

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dairy manure centrifuge

Commitment to Safety

At ETHOS we always follow safe work standards and protect the environment. Working safe while protecting the environment is a direct reflection of our core values.

Commitment to Safety

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