Manure management is a fundamental aspect of sustainable agriculture, and Ethos provides innovative solutions in this field.

Through an exclusive partnership, United Centrifuge, a proven innovator in the manufacture of Decanter Centrifuges, Ethos is transforming the way farmers handle manure. The results have been nothing short of outstanding by partnering with Ethos to optimize manure management has several key benefits.

  • Better Solids Capture: Ethos' solutions offer superior solids capture capabilities. Efficiently separating solids from liquid manure ensures that a higher percentage of valuable nutrients is preserved. This results in a reduction of waste and an increase in the nutrient content of the manure, making it an even more valuable resource for farms.
  • Haul Less by Concentrating Nutrients: The centrifuge process also concentrates nutrients in the manure solids, which significantly benefits farmers.  This reduction in hauling decreases operational costs and minimizes the environmental impact associated with manure transportation. 
  • Meeting Nutrient Removal Permit Requirements: Compliance with nutrient removal permit requirements is essential for farms today. Ethos' use of United Centrifuge technology can play a pivotal role in helping farms meet these requirements.
  • Reduced Lagoon Dredging Frequency: Traditional manure lagoons often require regular dredging to remove accumulated solids. Ethos' centrifuge systems significantly reduce the need for frequent dredging. The improved solids separation ensures that lagoons remain efficient for more extended periods, reducing maintenance costs and operational disruptions. 
  • Minimized Water Use through Manure Liquid Recycling: Ethos' commitment to sustainability extends to water conservation. Our centrifuge technology minimizes water use by recycling manure liquid.
  • Utilizing Recovered Solids: One of the most remarkable features of Ethos' approach is the utilization of recovered solids. These solids can serve as valuable resources in multiple ways.

In the quest for more sustainable and efficient manure management, Ethos has harnessed the power of industry leading industrial centrifuges to achieve remarkable results. Ethos is transforming the agricultural landscape through better solids capture, nutrient concentration, compliance with permit requirements, and a host of other benefits. With Ethos, farms are not just managing manure; they're optimizing it to improve their operations and the environment.

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