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Ethos has partnered with United Centrifuge Manufacturing to provide patented centrifuges that are both durable and dependable. Ethos provides centrifuges, drying shakers, vertical dryers, polymer injection tanks, dewatering units, pumps, and any other auxiliary equipment you might need.

Superior Centrifuge Solutions

Two distinct centrifuge models allow us to specifically design a custom solution ideally suited to your unique job.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) technology allows for low amperage draw during startup (lowering cost) and adjustments during operation (more flexibility).

Precision-balanced auger, bowl, and gearbox assembly are all treated for stress relief during manufacturing, ensuring vibration-free performance.

Motor and rotating assembly are separate components, making repair/replacement easy and quick, in one hour or less, and on location with the use of a forklift.

Expert Staff and Service

Ethos hires the most experienced Solids Control Technicians (SCT’s) available — then trains them further — to ensure every job is completed efficiently, thoroughly, and safely. Every rig follows a strict preventative maintenance schedule, maintained weekly by a qualified Ethos SCT, then doubled-checked by an experienced Ethos supervisor.

Custom Solutions and Consistent Results

No two jobs are the same. We partner with you to customize the best design to accomplish your desired outcome. Dual centrifuges? Drying Shakers? Whatever it takes, we’ll adapt. At Ethos, clients aren’t “Customers” — you’re “Partners.” Every Ethos employee is trained to think as an extension of your team, directly focused on achieving your goals and objectives by constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality and diminish downtime, resulting in lower bottom-line costs.



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